Inverex is Pakistan’s largest solar-based company. It imports many solar products including solar inverters, batteries, solar panels, solar streetlights and offer customized solar solutions. We provide services to residential homeowners, large and small industries, and government entities in Pakistan. Every year launch upgraded state-of-the-art and reliable solar products in the market.

Inverex is offering both poly and mono solar panels that can be good choices for your home, but there are key differences between the two types of technology that you should understand before making your final solar purchase.

Interrex’s Research and development department is also working to do research on new product development for future to remain competitive in the market. Innovative engineers are working with dedication and hard work to develop and design more competitive products. We use comprehensively deep consumer understanding and expertise in technology to create innovative, effective, and sustainable products. Research and development team discovers designs and create in such a way that it gives functional benefits through new product technology. We also have functional capabilities to step up, look after and distinguish our innovations through information and technology management and creative innovations.