LONGi Solar has effectively introduced a large number of business, government and private sun oriented force stations all through the world.

To keeping up our administrative role in the assembling of mono-glasslike silicon items, conveying higher proficiency to the worldwide photovoltaic industry. Using Solar Energy, Powering into Green World.

We are the dedicated accomplice of the photovoltaic business, making more noteworthy incentive for the clients’ venture.

We are committed to driving the improvement of the photovoltaic business, controlling into a green world for people in the future.

LONGi drives the sunlight based PV industry higher than ever with item developments and improved force cost proportion with advancement monocrystalline advances.

LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-effectiveness sun powered wafers and modules overall yearly, about a fourth of worldwide market interest. LONGi is perceived as the world’s most significant sunlight based innovation organization with the most noteworthy market esteem.

Advancement and practical improvement are two of LONGi’s basic beliefs.

LONGi produces monocrystalline silicon wafers and modules, conveying answers for dispersed and ground mount power station frameworks, advancing the advancement of the worldwide PV industry and driving energy change.


The PERC cell has a passivated back side and a laser cutting interaction, which essentially improves the cell proficiency.

For a bifacial PERC cell, the Al back surface field is supplanted by Al network, subsequently render most of back side straightforward which empower the cell to ingest light and create power from the two sides

In view of the high level mono wafer and hostile to LID innovation, LONGi offers a first-year power guarantee of ≥98% for PV modules.

Half-slice cell innovation is to cut the cell into two separate parts by develop infrared laser, henceforth divide the functioning current.

The warm misfortune on the lace will be amazingly diminished and the module’s influence increments by 2%.

The unwavering quality of module is additionally upgraded.

The blend of half-cut cell innovation and bifacial module can intensify the increase over the impact of current decrease.

In field applications, little region shadings can cause the temperature of those parts incredibly high.

This marvel is called problem area. The long span of problem area could bring irreversible corruption of modules.

Since the string current of half-cell modules is half of full-cell modules, the problem area temperature can be clearly diminished. LONGi’s analyses show that this decrease could be 10-20℃, which expands the module dependability?

Half-cut cells have half of the functioning current, in this manner the warm misfortune is amazingly decreased.

Working temperature correspondingly diminishes, and the dependability of module is improved just as force acquire.

In light of the interesting equal association plan, half-cell modules actually have half force yield under the condition of exhibit concealing in dawn or dusk when representation establishment.

Moreover, half-cut innovation can improve the yield of bifacial module under non-uniform episode light on the posterior.

Under high light conditions, half-cell module, particularly bifacial half-cell module, will have a higher energy yield contrasted and ordinary module.

Bifacial half-cell module will assist with accomplishing the most reduced LCOE in locales which is wealthy in sun radiation assets.

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