Jinko Solar (NYSE: JKS) is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world.

Jinko Solar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an integrated annual capacity of 20 GW for mono wafers, 11 GW for solar cells, and 25 GW for solar modules.

Products Of Jinko


C & I ESS (50kWh-1MWh)

  1. Maximum product flexibility:

JESS’s commercial product platform carries the full range of storage products from 20 kWh up to 1MWh to cater to each individual need.

  1. Industry-leading cycle performance

We lead the industry with a cell cycle of more than 6000 times. More than enough for the majority of renewable energy scenarios.

  1. Easy installation

The system is designed with quick installation each step of the way.

Key Features

Intelligent battery management function | Passive cooling, low noise level, ideal for home use | Monitoring inverters freely via computers or mobile phones | Backup mode available | Wide battery voltage range | Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent

More power generation with power up to 410 Wp, Cheetah will maximize your PV system capacity, generating more energy over 25 years and maximizing the customer’s economic returns.

Half-Cell design ensures an improved shading response, resulting in higher yields when the module is partially shaded.

Shading loss experienced by half-cell modules is much better than conventional modules in certain shading conditions.

Cheetah ensures reliability by achieving certification at double the industry Anti-PID standard, and double the intensity specified in the IEC standard and double the intensity specified in the IEC standard.

Over millions of homes across the globe are powered with Jinko Solar’s panels, which deliver clean reliable energy and help lower your electricity bill all year round.

Either self-consuming or selling to grid, it offers you another way of generating revenue but it still depends on which panel partners you choose.

Do you want a High-performance System with the most powerful standard module on the market?

Want to avoid a Profitable Project from turning into a Financial Disaster because of potential induced degradation?

Would you like to put your mind at ease over the next 25 years? Have a look at what the smartest developers are doing.

Quality Tested Represnets

  1. 52 steps quality control and inspection process
  2. Continuous line monitoring and video/photo records for each cell and panel
  3. The most advanced quality assurance devices
  4. Comprehensive QC information management system in place to allow quality data flow constantly
  5. Intelligent alarm and stop mechanism in case of any deviation or errors
  6. Stringent acceptance criteria and the tightest tolerance levels
  7. A team of 1500 quality control professionals
  8. “Zero” defects objective

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