Phoenix Always keep the level of the electrolyte at the proper level. Add distilled water to raise the electrolyte level. Using other water may add undesirable minerals to the electrolyte, reducing the life of the battery. Add water to a discharged battery only when it is about to be recharged.

Extreme temperatures are not friendly to storage batteries. Extreme cold will reduce the power available and will make the battery case brittle and easily broken. Extreme heat will result in electrolyte loss due to evaporation. Batteries should be stored at temperatures between 32- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit and recharged monthly to maintain their charge.

A solution of baking soda and water can be used for cleaning the battery. Use one tablespoon of baking soda per cup of water until completely dissolved. It will neutralize and remove accumulations of acid contaminated soil on the battery and cleanse the exterior. Do not allow the baking soda water to get in the battery; it is for external cleaning only. The baking soda solution should be rinsed away with plenty of clean water and then all surfaces dried.PHOENIX now has been developed and recognized one of the superior and quality symbols in Pakistan and Specially in organized sector and PHOENIX has also become a prominent feature in OEM’s and institutions as well