Power Max

Max Power is one of the biggest stakeholders in the Solar industry in Pakistan which hope to see a country with access to clean electricity for every citizen.

A world, in which renewable energy improves the quality of life, is our world that makes extensive use of the inexhaustible power of the sun to generate electricity.

This is how it shapes the energy supply of today and tomorrow. Max Power believes in the values of Integrity, Sustainability and Innovation.

Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority. MAX POWER mission is to solve the crisis of load shedding and high electric costs by bringing clean affordable energy to the people of Pakistan.

Max Power wide range of products and services delivers tailored solutions for its customers.

MaxPower Hybrid inverters combine the best from grid-tied and o-grid solar systems. These inverters can either be described as o-grid solar with utility backup power or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.MaxPower Hybrid Inverters that produces 230V 50HZ Pure sine wave output.

Max Power offers a wide variety of o-grid inverters that are best for simple systems to pure sine wave inverters that are necessary for electronics and inductive loads. We have a die rent range of selection from 1000VA all the way up to 5000VA On-grid inverters.

Manpower has a range of multi-function inverter/chargers, combining functions of inverter, solar charger, and battery charger to ore uninterruptible power support with portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display ores user-conjurable and easy-accessible button operation such as:

  • Battery charging current
  • AC/Solar charger priority
  • Acceptable input voltage based on dying rent applications.