The company produces various automotive and inverter batteries. They have been doing so for more than 19 years at this point. Osaka has a long product catalog that you can pick from. They have batteries for motorcycles, automobiles, and even maintenance-free batteries. They have several regional offices across the country, and Osaka caters to the needs of its customers through those.

Osaka has various maintenance-free batteries available. Some might refer to these as dry cell batteries and they would be correct. These batteries do not require any acid addition. They are filled with electrolytes and no initial charge is required. They are free of corrosion, durable, and have a long life.

There are a lot of Osaka maintenance-free batteries to pick from including MF50L, MF60L, MF100R, and much more.

Osaka makes sure that these batteries have good cold cranking power that is up to 122%. One of the more popular options is the Osaka S50+. It has an ampere of 34Ah at 12 volts. It is intended for cars from 800cc-1000cc. Of course, there are more options available if you need something more powerful.