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You having a nice home or a small industry or a burden of running large industrial unit, electricity plan and management is a thing which takes a bottom rank in your to-do list. That may be because of improper guidance or maybe you don’t want to have this weird headache of figuring this quagmire out. EPESOL with its commitment of quality have its LV solutions and products for you to beacon you the right path through optimum, secure, economical to its cores, future oriented, stress free and fully backed up power solutions and that too complete one-stop exclusively engineered backed by years of experience in international level HV and EHV, EPESOL is the master of this craft.


Why Buildamatic?

Exposure & Experience

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Exposure Experience

The LV solution is an outcome years of, EPESOL’s highly acclaimed, Design & Consultancy, Field services and Manufacturing for EHV, HV, MV & LV panels. EPESOL with its commitment of BEST, makes LV the same craft for common users which have least knowledge of this necessity.

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Brand Quality

EPESOL is the name of quality! This is what EPESOL has earned in all those years, from sensitive protective equipment being supplied to the most sensitive of institutes; likes NTDC, WAPDA, OGDC and PakArmy to the entrepreneurship of its engineers that traverse all quarters.

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Products Craftsmanship

EPESOL, in Pakistan, is the Partner of GE Energy; world’s biggest and leading energy conglomerate. We offer, stateof- the-art, GE branded MCB, MCCB, ACB, Busways, ATS and Motoring products with the exclusive services and the craftsmanship worthy of EPESOL brand legacy.

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Green Economical

EPESOL’s Design makes it sure the best use of available resources, without going superfluous or burdening either side. Utilization of the best proven solutions available & embracing renewable are the primeval trait of EPESOL, thus opening the doors to infinite ways, green & economical.

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Fine Tuned Engineered

Future oriented and long term planned LV solutions are scarce because of lack of such vision. But with worldwide operations & exposure, EPESOL has that necessary skill to make fine-tuned hassle free solutions that can cater the needs of future like load distribution and isolation & energy audit.

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Optimum Exclusive

EPESOL ensures the exclusive engineering that can cater your very needs and not a generalized, immutable and cut & paste solution. A perfectly solid yet flexible engineering is needed to devise a minimum Human Interaction solution that can be operated by an layman easily.

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Support Flexibility

EPESOL’s experienced after sales support make it possible, the smooth running of its solutions and making it more perfect and optimum by time through the solid feedback system. We also believe in the education of our clients by equipping them with the gray areas in their exclusive requirements.

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Buildamatic  JuicePack®

The power distribution boards, is an outcome of extreme exposure and experience of power system, its dynamics and faults on LV level. Carefully observing the common discrepancies in LV systems with a veteran eye of an engineer, when transformed in a solution yields in JuicePack® Whether you own a home, industrial unit or any other LV unit JuicePack®  is what your actual need is Optimum design enables Buildamatic’s JuicePack® Utilize all the available power resources, be it Solar Power, UPS/Inverter, Generators and/or Utility. A little more cost but saving opportunity cost in case of faulty design. JuicePack® is the most reliable choice if you want yourself hassle free from the future costs on tweaking and refitting your power scheme, peeling and banging walls for just a minor alteration. JuicePack® has a unique design that cater your needs of future, minimum of 20 years, a feature unique to EPESOL. With Buildamatic JuicePack® All your alternate sources combine on one single board without the tension to take care of them separately, a changeover can be done by, even, a child or layman easily, making it a complete solution against power shortage or load shedding.

  • Incorporating utility, generator, UPS, solar etc.
  • Flush mounting
  • Surface mounting
  • Slim and optimized
  • No compromise on wiring
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Top & bottom extension boxes
  • Flange plates with knockouts
  • Separate earth and neutral bars
  • Separate protection of each room/section
  • Energy audit to minimize electricity bills
  • Special wiring to accommodate Generator/UPS/Solar
  • Independent metering, wiring and protection for each floor
  • Minimum human interaction required in Generator/UPS transitions
  • Load management systems
  • Specialized design to avoid fire and electrical hazards

‘Cause Your Asset worth more than unskillful hands

Commercial Industrial

The best in town

  • A complete one-stop design, manufacturing and field services solution
  • Suitable selection of products, components for the highest quality cost-effective yet Minimal solutions
  • State of the art testing equipment for diagnosis and analysis
  • Fully proficient testing and energizing of a system
  • As per IEC Standards
  • Completely eco-friendly and renewable power solution with
  • EPESOL® SunVerter® having a Trademark power combining technology.
  • Sectionalized Load Distribution and Isolation
  • Free from Voltage Drop issues
  • Energy AuditTM & OptimizationTM
  • Redundant Power Supply Solution
  • Automatic Transfer of Source
  • State-of-the-art electricity installation
  • Equipped with EPESOL® JuicePack® Power Distribution Boards
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Independent metering, wiring and protection for each floor/section
  • Specialized design to avoid fire and electrical hazards