Konox Inverter

Knox has a very strong and experienced R&D team who have improved renewable energy technology, which focus on improvement for the inverter’s function like efficiency, stability and extend product lifetime, then let its product more smarter in the “5G” world.

Combined with US technology and Chinese top quality control process, our products reach the balance of quality and price. Certified by IEC(International), VED/EN(Europe), AS4777(Australia), G83/1(UK), In metro(Brazil) and other international authoritative approvals,the featured Knox T&S&TP serial solar inverters have been exported to Germany, UK, Australia, India, and other countries worldwide

  • Single Phase Inverter
  •  Excellent Low Light Sensitivity
  •  IP65 Weather Protection
  •  Leading edge capacitor control technology
  •  Dynamic MPPT efficiency >99.9%
  •  (Euro efficiency >97.2%)
  •  Wi-Fi/GPRS monitoring optional.

Knox PV on grid inverter using America’s TI’s digital control chip, the same chip as the 2nd generation of world well-known brand SMA,so in face of external disturbance and abnormal changes in the grid, the system can automatically identify and adjust to maximize the grid compatibility and to maintain the stability of the pv system.

Three Phase on Grid Series provide string inverters with the best invention patented topology globally, also, we can customize, which provide more optional choices for PV power systems.

T P series has been proved to be outstanding for its features like leading edge efficiency, high cost-effective, modern appearance, friendly interface, and ultra-long quality warranty, etc.