Prefabricated & Steel Framed Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are very close to the modular building process. But the prefabricated steel structure building is slightly different from the modular building process. In a modular structure, the building is manufactured from different parts called modules inside the factory. These modules are combined shapes and structures, much like a jigsaw puzzle, which can create a whole, usable structure. A module can constitute one half of a room and must be connected to the other half, or it can be an entire room and can be connected to other rooms to create a building or house. The prefab structure is different. In prefabricated steel structures, plans are made by accurately reading the site and designing the building to be built.

Then the building design is decomposed into multiple parts, and the skeleton structure of the building is designed separately to construct steel parts and beams for development. Then, all building components and steel structure components are manufactured in-house. Parts smaller than the module will be shipped to the construction site. Then use many smaller steel beams and angles to assemble the parts on site to form a larger structure.